Changing the World by Startups


Silicon Valley; prominent for startups revolutionizing industries. What do they have to do with change?   They are the change.

“The issue with print isn’t that they force you to read it, it’s the resources they waste doing so” says ISSUU CEO Joe Hyrkin as he drops a 12 pound ad pack on the floor of a —- modern Silicon Valley office. ISSUU however has set out to change this.

Founded in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the app aims to create a stimulating digital experience, hoping that this will decrease paper waste. This “[enables] magazines, newspapers and so forth to be available at any time”, allowing more content to be created and consumed than ever before.

As a platform for over seven million publications ISSUU is a massive operational shift of how content will  be consumed. Within five seconds, the posted content is available to 83 million users worldwide, “bringing together great content for great people”.

According to ISSUU, “the death is in the old forms of distribution”, thus they aim to revolutionize the change from print to digital, transforming publishing into a digital experience.


Tie in with change


“its amazing the information we can garner”

changes: tablets, apps etc

burst publishing drives long form consumption (twitter and other social medias)

“get the content in front of the person the way they want it”

“just because it’s digital, doesn’t preclude you form interacting”

“we have the opportunity to go towards the purest form of journalism”




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